24 Track / 24 bit/96khz Recording / Project Studio
Recording Rate: 20$/hour (includes engineer)
Mixing/Mastering Rate: Negotiable

Nerdbox Studios is the perfect solution for those wanting that "polished" recording sound at a cost which is more than half the price of highcost studios. Sessions include an engineer who actually gives a crap as to how the final product comes out. Located in a cozy environment surrounded by nice neighbors.


Pro Tools Le 5.1 // Digi001 Recording Interface // Intel Pentium III 1ghz // 512mb Ram // HP82 CDRW

Mackie 1202vlz mixing console // Line 6 Spider Amp Emulator // Johnson J-Station Amp Emulator // Art Multi-Verb // Fender Strat // Fender P Bass // Fernandes Guitar // Mapex V-Series Drums // Sabian Cymbals // Casio CZ 101 synth // Casio CZ1000 // Casio Ctk651 midi controller

Rode NTV vocal mic // Rode NT1 // Akg C1000s (2) // AKG D112 // Sm57 (3)// Sm58 // Audio Technica Drum Mic Kitpack

contact: gabe abadilla /// email /// aol